Carbs of the Huge Manatee


So, you don't think that Cards Against Humanity™ is geeky enough? It needs more weird science fiction and fantasy references? Done. Coming Soon!

Black Cards

  • I hate to say it, Captain, but there’s only one thing we can do to stop the aliens from destroying the Earth.
    Show them ________________.
  • It’s like I always say, you get more with a kind word and _____________ than with just a kind word. - Marcus Cole
  • My last spell failed spectacularly, but enjoyably, resulting in __________________ for everyone within a 5 mile radius.
  • Of all the entities you don’t want to awaken, __________________ is certainly one of them.
  • Rivers turning to blood? Check. Rain of frogs? Check. ________________? Check.
    Yup. It’s the Apocalypse.
  • You’re telling me that you broke into the temple of Varidan, the dark god of ____________ and stole ____________? I’ll be leaving now…

White Cards

  • A love spell gone horribly, horribly wrong.
  • A plucky canine robot.
  • An overweight werewolf with male pattern baldness.
  • Apocalypses (plural).
  • Blood breath.
  • Cleaning up giant mounds of dragon poop.
  • Holy water filled water balloons.
  • Meeting the Devil’s Advocate.
    Who is actually Azazel.
  • My magic bone.
  • “River Tam Beats Up Everyone” from Universal Pictures.
  • Snickerdoodles accidentally made with the spice melange instead of cinnamon.
  • The Bigger, Blacker Blackstaff.