Carbs of the Huge Manatee


Are you a social dancer? Do you go to exchanges? Are you a sick puppy? Then you're in the right place. Coming Soon!

Black Cards

  • Mambo is a dance. Salsa is just an excuse for ________________.
  • My dancing would really improve if I worked on two things: my connection and ________________.
  • Old- and new-school dancers alike were surprised with the success of the _____________ room at our Friday night dance.
  • The best way to introduce yourself for a dance is simply to say, “Hi, I’m {your name} and I’m really into ________________ and _________________.
  • This year at the exchange, we are offering ________________ at the low price of a dollar a minute.
  • When I hear someone say they really only dance Fusion, I shake my head and imagine them ________________.

White Cards

  • A bunch of idiots dancing instead of interacting like normal people.
  • A dance so face-meltingly hot, you have to go to the restroom and check your underwear.
  • Beaver clamp.
  • Dancers who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom.
  • Dancers who travel from exchange to exchange dancing only with each other.
  • Dancesturbation.
  • Entitled dancers who believe rules don’t apply to them.
  • Facebook friends you don’t remember meeting.
  • Multiple Floorgasms.
  • Splitting your jeans while dancing. Again.
  • That sketchy guy hitting on the inappropriately young girls.
  • Wishing that people would look at you as a piece of meat instead of merely dance candy.