Carbs of the Huge Manatee


Why is this expansion pack #2? Because the printer's largest box holds 118 cards and the first three General packs were all developed at the same time. Coming Soon!

Black Cards

  • I'm terrified by the thought of __________ on a first date.
  • Next year’s Burning Man theme is Burning Man: ________________.
  • The more people I meet, the more ________________ sounds like a really good idea.
  • We use ________________ to control the unwitting masses.
  • What’s my stripper name? {firstname} _________________ {lastname}
  • Why am I not wet?

White Cards

  • A Bigger, Blacker Dick Cheney.
  • A giant gerbil shoving a Hollywood celebrity up his ass.
  • Buying slutwear from Forever 21.
  • Dude, Bitch Is CRAZY!
  • Facebook’s stupid rules prohibiting nudity.
  • Flex and Sex Barbie™.
  • Girl pilots killing Nazis.
  • Hoping that your drama queen friend will follow through and commit suicide.
  • Magic underwear.
  • Naked in a hot tub full of Lime Jell-O™.
  • Pope Frank.
  • Shooting people with “duckface.”