Carbs of the Huge Manatee


This is why I'm not allowed to have free time. Or nice things. Coming up with expansion packs is almost too easy. Which is more than a bit disturbing.

This expansion has been updated and now includes 22 black cards and 92 white cards.

Black Cards

  • _______________, that’s why I got married.
  • Me and _______________? That’s just a rumor!
  • I never should have introduced ________________ to ________________.
  • Randaflex: The first over-the-counter treatment for ________________.
  • The only mind-altering substance I use is ________________.
  • You did _________? With ____________? For how many cookies???

White Cards

  • “Somebody That I Used To Know” covered by Sting.
  • An Indian co-worker who wears so much cologne you can taste it.
  • Comfy sweats and premium ice cream.
  • Cross-generational sex talk.
  • Failing the Bechtel Test in real life.
  • Fashion advice from Amazon’s homepage.
  • President Hillary enjoying a male intern.
  • Single-payer health care like the rest of the civilized world.
  • Stupid Cosmo Sex Tips.
  • The blue liquid from the tampon commercials.
  • The gayest straight man you know.
  • Wiccan prayer in school.